In this video I give you 40 DIY hacks that every handyman (and women) and woodworkers should know. I hope you find these hacks useful and please subscribe and share if you like this video.

Here is a list of all the hacks in this video:

1. Create your own woodfiller
2. Clamping with hot glue
3. Clamping with CA glue
4. Release hot glue quick and easy
5. Avoid glue squeeze out on miter joinery
6. Clamp miter joinery with tape
7. Clamp miter joinery with rubber bands
8. Never stop learning
9. Prefectly flat sanding surface
10. Sand curved objects
11. Drill bit screw holder
12. Nail holder on your hammer
13. Don't hit your finger with your hammer
14. Bit holder on your drill
15. Pilot hole with a nail and a drill
16. Drill straight holes
17. Depth measure on your drill bit
18. Drill bit counter sinker
19. Sharpen pencils quick and easy
20. Metal dowels
21. Clean small spaces
22. Avoid paint spill on your paint bucket
23. Avoid paint spill under your masking tape
24. Save your paint brush without cleaning
25. Don't waste your paint tray
26. Anti slide glue up with nails
27. Anti slide glue up with salt.
28. Simple marking gauge
29. Pencil pushstick
30. Drive in screws easier
31. Make your hand plane glide better
32. Quick zero clearance on table saw
33. No plywood tearout on table saw
34. Cut thin strips of wood on your table saw
35. Split long boards on a table saw in small places
36. Subscribe to my channel
37. Improve jigsaw cuts with tape
38. Rake handle dowels
39. Milling metal on a drill press and with a Dremel
40. Easy and effective push block.

If anything is unclear please let me know in the comments and also check out this list on my website (The article/list will be published this weekend).

Do you know som cool hacks, tips and tricks that you would like to share? Leave a comment.


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