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Johnny Brooke:
Matt Cremona:
Matt's bandsaw mill plans:
Watch Matt Build his mill:


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Things I Used in This Project:
ISOtunes Bluetooth Hearing Protection:
Cermet Blade:
Chop Saw Station Plans:
Triton SuperJaws:
Ridgid Octane Drill:
3D Modeling Software:
Plasma CNC Table:
Weld Tables:
Metal Marking Pencil:
Lincoln Power Mig 260:
Lincoln Power Mig 210:
Welding Hood:
Welding & Grinding Hood:
Welding Jacket:
Welding Gloves:
Welding Cart:
Cordless Grinder:
Fireball Squares:
Laser Measure:

Bessey Quick Clamp:
Bessey Duo Clamp:
Bessey Rapid Ratchet Clamp (my favorite)
Bessey Small General Purpose:
Bessey Inline Handle:
Bessey Classic Heavy Duty :


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