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17 Pieces set

8 Touch-Up Furniture Markers

8 Wax filler sticks

8 Useful Colors

Plus a sharpener to sharpen the the markers

Good for scratches on wood!✔️ MAKE SCRATCHES IN FURNITURE COMPLETELY DISAPPEAR BY USING OUR KIT WHICH CONTAINS 8 TOUCH UP MARKERS. And 8 wax stick crayons. also includes a sharpener to sharpen the wax sticks, both come in 8 handy furniture makeup colors like, Maple, Oak, Cherry, Walnut, Mahogany, Black, White Grey. This kit will come in very handy and useful in repairing any cuts, scratches and marks in furniture.
✔️ DON'T AGGRAVATE YOURSELF ABOUT THE SCRATCHES AND CUTS IN YOUR NICE OR ANTIQUE FURNITURE. THE FIX IS SIMPLE, use our furniture repair markers to completely cover and paint over the scratches and nicks and make the unsightly damages and scratches completely vanish, it's a cover-up that completely legal. Just color and fill in the scratches and watch them disappear completely, you will be amazed in how easy it is to repair your furniture and make them look almost brand new.
✔️ HAVING AN ISSUE WITH CUTS AND MARKS OR SCRATCHES ON FOR NICE FURNITURE? DON'T HAVE HEARTACHE. Buy this super useful product which has been voted #1 by many acclaimed furniture repairs groups. The wax crayons have ample stuff to last for a whole furniture restoration project. The markers come with high-quality thick felt pen tips which will last you throughout many furniture restoration jobs.
✔️ These wax crayons and touch-up markers come in a special range of 8 furniture colors, which will make it super easy to repair scratches, nicks, cuffs and blemishes in your furniture. THE WAX IS ESPECIALLY FORMULATED TO FILL IN LARGER GAPS IN AREAS WHERE THE FURNITURE WAS MORE SEVERELY AND MORE DEEPLY SCRATCHED. The markers colors and crayon wax lines are very easy to apply, you can apply the marker colorings and the wax coatings in multiple layers to suite your job and the desired outcome.
✔️ NO NEED TO HIRE A PROFESSIONAL FURNITURE REPAIR MAN FOR TOP DOLLARS WHEN YOU CAN DO IT YOU YOURSELF WITH EVEN BETTER RESULTS. You can't go wrong. Use the markers to rejuvenate and repair all types of cuts scratches and marks on your furniture, new and old, contemporary and antique The kit contains 8 markers and 8 wax crayons, made from premium stuff, in 8 unique furniture colors like Maple, Oak, Cherry, Walnut, Mahogany, Black, Grey, White. Which will guarantee that you can tackle any project

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