*Update* After posting this video I became aware of a news story bringing to light that Garden of Innocence does claim deceased children that have been left somewhere to be found, however they also claim stillborn children if the parents leave them at the hospital unclaimed. If these infants were to go unclaimed then they would be cremated and buried in a mass grave. While I do still support this organization and feel good about sending off a urn to lay one of these children to rest, I thought it was something that should be public knowledge in case it changes somebody's motivation to be involved. Here is the news story if you would like to read it:

Garden of Innocence Website:


Mailing Address: 156 Walker Way, Vista, CA 92083

Full Step by Step Tutorial:

A sweet friend Nicki, not only crochet a blanket so I could have one to send with my urn, but she played and sang the music which is a song called The Unclouded Day. If you would like to check out more of Nicki's music her YouTube page can be found here:


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