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EVERYTHING INCLUDED IN SET: a premium water whetstone, a nonslip bamboo base, and an angle guide.

Fun fact:The word “whetstone” is often mistaken as a reference to the water used to lubricate our stones. However, the term is based on the word “whet”, which means to sharpen a blade, not on the word “wet”.

We've done the work for you! Choosing a good knife sharpener takes some knowledge and experience. You can rely on us to provide you with good quality tools for your kitchen needs. There are a couple different ways to sharpen your knives:

  1. Use an electric sharpener. We strongly discourage this because they remove a tremendous amount of material and only provide an adequate edge.
  2. Send it out to a Professional. This requires you to have another knife on hand, is inconvenient, and can get pricey.
  3. Use a sharpening stone. This is the best option to achieve the best and sharpest edge.

When choosing a sharpening stone, there are two main items to consider: grit and size.

Our waterstone is double sided to provide two grits enabling one stone to satisfy the basic requirements of sharpening. Our knife sharpening stone can take even the most dull knife and bring it to razor sharpness. The 1000 grit side will restore an edge profile. The 6000 grit side will smooth the edge to produce an excellent cutting knife.

The size is ideal for kitchen knives at approx 7″ length with a width of 2.25″. This is the most common length sharpening stone we sell for kitchens, because it is large enough for ease of use, while still very portable and fits easily in a drawer.

We include instructions, and also welcome any questions regarding our stone and blade sharpening. Please contact us – we want to hear from you!

This complete sharpening stone set is a must have for any kitchen and is a wonderful gift. Happy sharpening!

MAKE LIFE EASIER: Almost all food prep starts with cutting – a sharp knife makes it a breeze. And if you want to impress friends, there's nothing better than pulling out your professional grade knife stone to sharpen your knife or for honing steel. Delicate ingredients, like herbs, will look fresher if you cut them cleanly; tomatoes won't be crushed; and meat sliced so thin it's transparent. A good, accessible, and easy to use knife sharpener will make you or your cook very happy.
ANYONE CAN DO IT: A stone sharpener is quick and easy once you get the hang of it. Our instructions, angle guide, and bamboo base make this very easy. Our water stone only requires a couple minutes of soaking before use and it is ready to go. No oil is required like in the old days with traditional Japanese wet stones. No mess and easy to clean up.
SAFETY: Sharp knives are safer because they need less brute force than dull knives. With dull knives soft foods crush; knives slip off the skin of hard fruits and veggies; you must push hard… A sharp knife is a safe knife! We include a silicone shoe and non slip base with our stone knife sharpener to avoid the wet stone slipping on the kitchen counter while in use.
A COMPLETE SET: We've included everything you need to get started in our bundle: a two sided whetstone, nonslip base, angle guide, and simple instructions. The #1000 grit establishes the proper cutting edge bevel. The #6000 grit will make the edge razor sharp. Our dual sided sharpening stone 1000 6000 will keep your kitchen knives in top shape.
GREAT GIFT/MULTIPURPOSE: Excellent as unique housewarming gifts or birthday gifts. This stone can be used for all your knife sharpening: kitchen, pocket, any other utility knives, as well as other tools around the house like garden shears, pruners, scissors, chisels, axes, hatchets,etc. QUALITY – GUARANTEE: Our sharpening stone is highly durable and long lasting. It's made with premium materials; designed to perform. It will provide many years of use, becoming a trusted companion in the kitchen.

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