Before I build something, I make a plan on paper.

It does not matter if you are a beginner or an experienced woodworker, whether it's a simple exercise or a more complicated carpentry project, you must have a plan on paper to guide you along. Even when I was a school goer doing woodwork as one of my subjects, every lesson was first planned out on a drawing sheet, before you attempted to do the actual exercise. Even these simple plans were a guide line when carrying out each project. In those day's it was just mortise and tenon joints, dove tails, and the like before progressing to tea-pot stands and toasters.

For an advanced learner or even an accomplished woodworker, woodworking plans are an important part of any good carpenter's trade, because accuracy, proper measurements and proportion are important things to have right before executing a project. It is very easy to overlook a small measurement or scale when attempting a project without a plan written down on paper. The end product can end up looking disproportionate not well finished or out-of-place.

Sometimes new or novice woodworkers take on a project head on. It could be a coffee table or a bookshelf and they reckon it's easy. They proceed and complete the job and are pleased with themselves at the initial attractiveness of the completed task. But when they look closer the find that it's too big or small for the surroundings, look out of proportion and then they realise that it does not work quiet like they had intended. This is why it is important to have woodwork plans that are well illustrated well proportioned measurements, accurate scales and easy to follow instructions when needed. They save a lot of work, time and indeed embarrassment particularly if someone is learning the trade. So, if you want to build a coffee table, get some coffee plans, maybe you need book shelf, get bookshelf plans and go to work, happy in the knowledge that your project will turn out better.


For the more advanced woodworker it is even more important because if a carpenter was working on a house or putting up a roof then plans such as 2 story house plans, for instance are really important so that the house is structured properly. Wood plans in this case ensure the sturdiness, the longevity and indeed the safety of the structure. These quick examples show how important and integral that important woodwork plans are to any one that has aspirations of becoming an accomplished woodworker. Woodwork plans are part and parcel of any good carpenters arsenal when working on whatever project.

These Plans really do make the life of a woodworker easier and take a lot of time, wasted energy and heartache out of their work. Many search in bookstores,d.i.y. stores and indeed online to get woodwork plans. It doe not make a difference where they are obtained so long as they are correct, easy to follow and illustrated well. However some woodworkers draw their own plans depending on what the project might be. Again so long as they are happy that what they are doing is right for the situation they are in then it's a good plan.


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